Hey, I'm Jasmene, a retail consultant and creative entrepreneur, and I'm obsessed with helping women smash barriers in the retail industry. 

A little more about me... 

My story began the moment I finally said “F*ck this sh*t.”

So here’s the deal: I worked in CA (sadly, I mean Corporate America, not sunny California) for nearly 15 years. I did all the things “they” said we had to do in order to make it in this world. I got my MBA because “they” said it would make me more money. I continued climbing the corporate ladder. 

Then one day, I was over it.

I was tired of being labeled aggressive. I was tired of being asked about my new hairstyle. I was tired of trying to prove why I was worthy of a 3% raise. I was tired of trying to be a part of a good ole boys’ club that would never accept me. 

But I stayed around — not to see if it would change, but for that steady 6-figure salary.

They had no idea at the time... 

...but I was planning my exit. My great escape!

I wanted to wait until after bonus time hit. Then I’d pack my bags and move to Atlanta to live life as a full-time entrepreneur. I just had to hold on for a few more months so I could save more money and execute on my plan to get the hell out.

I thought I had it all planned out, lined up, and fully thought out…

And then I got fired.

Yep, fired. Just five months before I intended to leave... and on the Monday after a Black Friday shopping spree. Talk about bad timing. God sure is funny.

Let's keep it a buck: If you've ever been fired, you know the feeling. It sucks. I felt failure, rejection, and anger all at once. I couldn’t stop thinking of things I could've done to "get revenge" or even the score… but what would that have accomplished? Instead, I focused on the opportunities before me.

I realized my past circumstances were not my final destination.

Looking back, I realize I wasn't rejected. I was blessed: blessed to finally be able to spread my wings and go after what God has called me to do. And what do you know, later that week, I found out supermodel Tyra Banks was going to be wearing clothing from my boutique on Bravo TV! It was a sign that God had my back and wasn't going to let me fall. 

A few months later, I achieved my goal of relocating to Atlanta and I haven't looked back since. 

Now here I am:
Scaling my own online brand for the last 5 years.
Teaching retail entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable business.
Living my life and dreams out loud and on MY terms.
Speaking on national stages
Constantly learning and growing. 

My story was not how I thought it would be written, but that's life. When we take the bad with the good and go with the flow, it all works out for the best. Ya know, I’ll raise a glass to that.

A blessing

What i thought was the worst thing, turned out to be the best. pass the champs!


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I teach my clients how to THINK like the big brands. How to build their brand like a Fortune 500 company.  What I teach ain't on Google. 

If you want to grow your retail brand, you need to work with someone that GETS IT. A true expert with real skin in the game and a big picture view of it the industry works.

But you can’t just cold call a random buyer and ask them to tell you all their secrets. The only way to really understand retail is to do it... But trying to get that experience before you’re ready can be a costly game of trial-and-error. 

Luckily for you, I’ve got that retail experience you need — 15 years of it. 

I’ve worked in retail for my entire career. As a corporate buyer, I managed over $500 million in annual revenue.

I’ve worked with companies like  Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Office Depot,  Sears and more in various buying roles.

I’ve ran categories like women’s fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances, and safety & security for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

I help clients  get major results. I help get brands in stores. Simple as that. 

This isn’t stuff you can Google. 


I have the playbook. Because I basically wrote it.

My LinkedIn is stacked.

some Retailers & Brands I've

Real Talk

"My MISSION in life is not merely to survive, but to THRIVE; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

— maya angelou


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