How does a          partnership sound?

Hello There!

How does a        partnership sound?


It is my intention to bring my best self to your stage – to help your audience shift into their next- through expert teaching and in a way that is entertaining, inspiring and mesmerizing.


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Podcast or lives

Virtual Events

Virtual events saw a huge uptick during the pandemic and hasn't slowed down. I'll make sure your audience receives the same enthusiasm, intention, and professionalism online. 

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In-Person Events

Things are starting to feel a bit back to normal and I can't wait to grace your audience with my stage presence. 

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Want to schedule time for a quick chat or provide your audience with value? Podcasts and Lives have become one of my favorite ways to engage. 

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podcast features

How To Serve Your Ideal Customer

I chatted with Ashley Alderson, Founder of The Boutique Hub to talk about serving your ideal customer. Amazing gems in this episode. 


national television


Using Your Brand Story As A Guiding Business Compass

Tap in for this powerful episode on The Share Podcast with Amber Williams



How To Launch A Successful Boutique

Amazing conversation with Serwaa Adeji-Pelle of She's Off Script.



How To Do It Afraid and Fail Forward

This episode of The Bounce Back Blueprint was truly powerful! If you're feeling stuck, listen to this message!


signature topics

Getting Your Products into Mass Retail

How to Build a Profitable Online Business

Faith & Entrepreneurship

Curating Your Product Assortment Mix to Increase Conversions

Through Jasmene’s experience in corporate retail buying, her extensive knowledge in merchandise and buying strategies, wardrobe styling, fashion and the development of her own successful boutique, she is the perfect speaker for your next event. 

I'm Your Girl!

Prepping Your Products for Holiday

Retail expert, business strategist, and speaker Jasmene Bowdry is an entrepreneurial firebrand that ignites passion, infuses purpose, and inspires excellence in bosses worldwide.

The CEO of SHIFT StyleHouse, an online lifestyle and apparel brand for the modern woman,
Jasmene’s remarkable creative vision and industry expertise are frequently called upon to
educate, equip and empower legacy-driven business owners for greatness. A constant force in
the industry, Jasmene’s reputation over the years has cemented her position at the table of elite
opportunities like providing fashions for celebrities like Tyra Banks and Sarah Jakes Roberts
and a partnership with major retailer, Macy’s. What started as a curiosity for fashion amassed
into an impressive career as a Corporate Retail Buyer, spanning across industries such as
Consumer Electronics, Women’s Fashion, and Home Appliances, and Safety & Security, where
she managed over $500M in annual revenue for top Fortune 500 Retail companies. Recognized
as one of the industry’s brightest talents, she’s been featured in national outlets including, Sheen Magazine, Voyage ATL, and Sister Circle TV. She continues to
exemplify her goldmine of knowledge through interviews, panels, and conferences throughout the country.

Expanding this vision, her brand, Jasmene Bowdry Coaching & Consulting, has allowed her to
integrate her two worlds masterfully - a space she can share her business expertise and
knowledge with thriving business owners in creative industries. Her unique coaching style helps
connect retail business owners to their ‘sweet spot’ through scalable, efficient solutions that
up-level their thinking, increase awareness, and establish the fundamentals of successfully
running a product-based business.

When she’s not teaching execution strategies, you can find her somewhere lost in a good book,
sweating with the best on her Peloton, occasionally enjoying delicious Mexican food and
libations at her favorite restaurant, or dreaming up new ways to usher in more impact for her


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