“I began using the strategies Jasmene outlined and generated over $40K in sales”


“Jasmene's coaching has completely revamped the way I run my business.
The results I've seen since working with her has changed my career!”


“ My biggest takeaway was knowing I had the ability to be as successful as I wanted with my business once I stopped
operating in fear." 

- Shannan

“After Jasmene's coaching I had my highest selling month since launch 9 months ago."


“Jasmene is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She pulls from her years of experience in the retail industry and her personal experiences a successful boutique-owner.”

- KaSandra

"Jasmene gave me the tools I needed to get my store off the ground. Working with Jasmene was the best business decision I’ve made! "

- Carin

"Hiring a coach who has done it will save you time and cash...”

...If you actually do the work you will generate cash flow from the steps she's laid out. Jasmene gave me the reassurance to delegation, hire and scale my business. 

be bold!

BEV MADE $44K from one strategy

“I realize now that anything is possible! I hit my first $11K month.” 

I began to shift my mindset from this isn't working to how do we make it it! Now, I make anything work because Jasmene taught me how to reinvent and consistently plan for my business. 

stacey got clear on how to run her business

“I went from not knowing what steps to take to having 4-figure months.”

With Jasmene's help I focused my efforts on finding the products my customers wanted not what I wanted. I was able to serve them with better offerings and it resulted in increased sales and an audience of buyers. 

SHANNAN got unstuck. 


you wanna make something epic, don't you?

These are real clients and real results, all on a different path within their retail journey, but the one thing they all had in common was the will to do the work. It's all possible when you put your faith over your fear. 

let's work together


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